city view restaurant Abuja

Looking for an affordable restaurant in Abuja? then you should check out City view restaurant Abuja. Located at  7 Cape Town, Wuse 904101, Abuja. They have a wonderful ambiance and a wide menu. City view restaurant Abuja is rumored to have the best hummus in Abuja. keep reading to find out my take on this. […]


Hi guys, if you’ve been craving something cold and sweet, then get in here because you’re going to love this post.  Frosty Pops Abuja is a popsicle/boba shop that launched sometime in April 2022. The shop has gained popularity on social media because of its eye-catching and colorful ambiance. Let me just say this place […]


dodo wall

THERE IS A NEW PIZZERIA IN TOWN ??? Hi guys! So your girl got invited to the Dodo Pizza Abuja launch Over the weekend! I’ve got all the juicy details about their products, but first, let me put you on to getting a free box of pizza! With your first Dodo Pizza App purchase, you’ll […]


large brick bar at cantina restaurant abuja

Cantina restaurant Abuja is an Italian restaurant that serves a combination of Italian, Mexican, and continental dishes. It’s located at 30, Yedseram street, Maitama. It was my favorite cousin’s birthday and we went out to celebrate. See ehn, google maps showed us pepper! We were turning round and round in circles before finally locating the […]

Sabor Lagos | Restaurant Review

Beautiful entrance at Sabor Lagos

A DETAILED REVIEW OF SABOR LAGOS According to their website, “The essence of Sabor Lagos is to blend high-quality food with exceptional service”. Is It Safe to say they nailed it? Hi Guys!!! I visited Lagos recently and had the luxury of choosing an appropriate restaurant for lunch. Then my sister couldn’t stop talking about […]

Krispy Kreme (Lagos Airport)| Donuts & Coffee Review

Here’s a little story of how a flight delay inspired me to taste krispy kreme donuts for the first time. In typical Nigerian airline fashion, Dana air delayed my flight. And I was seated directly in front of the little donut shop at the airport. The smell of the donuts did not let me be, […]

Amazonia Restaurant Abuja|⁣ Menu Review

Hey guys! I was invited for a food tasting of the new menu at Amazonia restaurant (Abuja’s rainforest dining experience). It wasn’t a closed tasting, as the restaurant was open to customers (which in my book is a plus, cuz I got to see what it was like on a regular day).  This review will […]

Kappadocia “cave” Restaurant Abuja | Review

I was so skeptical about visiting the popular ‘Cave restaurant’ because there are so many negative reviews on Buhari’s internet! But I’m glad my friend Oti convinced me to try it out myself. AMBIANCE The decor is on a whole other level! It’s very cave-like. I get the appeal. There was a mini waterfall inside […]