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Looking for an affordable restaurant in Abuja? then you should check out City view restaurant Abuja. Located at  7 Cape Town, Wuse 904101, Abuja. They have a wonderful ambiance and a wide menu.

City view restaurant Abuja is rumored to have the best hummus in Abuja. keep reading to find out my take on this. ?


Hummus with meat (2300)

Do they really have the best hummus in Abuja? I don’t know if it’s number one. But I think it’s right up there. It’s divine! The hummus was great as usual…very smooth and not grainy. The thing I like so much about it is how filling it is. If you get this as a starter, then you will most likely not be able to finish your main dish. The pita bread served with this is just a world of goodness. I mean, wow! Warm, fresh, and light. I would eat this every day if I could. This goes for 2200, but when it’s served, it’s an entire spread with pickled vegetables, tomatoes, toum (Lebanese garlic sauce), and chili paste. This is good value for money. 

Seafood fried rice (4300)

First, the positives. I really liked the presentation and the portion size. Sadly, the vegetables had gone bad and the food smelled spoiled. I literally spat out the food and had to call the waiter to return it to the kitchen. I don’t know how you serve bad food to a guest, but that’s just a big no! Anyways, I was given another plate, but they didn’t seem very sorry about it. It felt like, “oh that’s bad? here’s another”. Oh well ?‍♀️. 

The second plate was fresher, yes, but it felt rushed and lacked flavor. Also, it didn’t look as pretty as the first one. It was apparent they picked out the shrimp from the former plate and incorporated them into the new dish. Sigh! Another thing I noticed was that the only seafood on the plate was shrimp ?‍♀️, and there was an overload of vegetables that really did nothing for the dish. It was just too much for me. Why not just call it shrimp-fried rice? It’s not seafood if all you have in it is shrimp! Overall, the dish was decent but quite underwhelming. Not sure I’ll order it again, though. 

City special fish (4600)

I’m not sure what type of fish it was exactly, but it was good. It was very tasty, and once again, I liked the presentation. At a glance, you would look at this and say “wow, that’s a lot,” but even though the fish is sizeable, it was drowned in a whole lot of vegetables. The fish itself was quite good, but the vegetables were just… sigh! No need to put vegetables on the plate if you do not celebrate them. They were bland and basically raw. And frankly, they weren’t that fresh either. Salt and black pepper would have gone a long way here. Seasoning cannot be overlooked and they just ruined what would have been a great dish with unseasoned vegetables. Sad. 

Chicken Shawarma (2100).

chicken shawarma at city view restaurant abuja

The shawarma was incredibly fresh and tasted rich. There were tomatoes in it but I didn’t mind it. It felt like it was needed for moisture. It was garlicky and wonderful. It’s one of the best shawarmas I’ve ever had…it’s small but worth every penny. The creamy element in it is the Lebanese garlic sauce (toum), and it’s mad tasty. It’s not as creamy as our Nigerian shawarma and the flavors are also slightly different based on the ingredients used but it’s worth a try. I would take this over our Naija shawarma any day. 


The service here is great. They have tons of staff to cater to the large number of customers that they have, and that’s just great. The staff was polite, patient, and helpful. 


There is something relaxing about the atmosphere. You will feel welcome and at home here. They have both outdoor and indoor dining areas. The outdoor area steals the show hands down. There is a section that has this Middle Eastern feel to it. The patterns on the sofas were like Arabian carpets, and the wooden decor went with the menu as well. The rest of the outdoor area was decorated with simple raffia-styled chairs and tables. Plants surrounded the outdoor area, and I just loved the airy feel it gave. The indoor area is quite simple, nothing too fancy. 


city view restaurant Abuja is suitable for everyone, especially families. if you’re looking for variety then this is the place to visit. I have also had their pizza before and it was quite good. let me know what you think when you visit. ?

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