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Cafe de vie: a good option to grab a bite while you work.

It’s starting to look like most of my reviews begin with a story. What can I say, I’m a storyteller?‍♀️. 

You know how there has been no electricity and fuel in the beautiful BUJ for some time now right? Well, let me just tell you that people working remotely have seen shege! ?

A few weeks ago, there was no electricity and no fuel in the generator. I had tons of files to work on and to top it all, the heat was from Sudan! so I did a quick google search for “cafes to work in Abuja,” And while there weren’t a lot of results, one cafe popped up Cafe De Vie, with a review about how “it’s a great place to use as a workstation”. So I gathered my belongings, dialed my girl Treasure, and set out in search of the cafe. 

Cafe de vie is located at No 12, amazon street, Maitama. It’s easy to find, so no room for google Maps to make you lose ur mind. 

When I arrived, I walked in and People were dispersed everywhere with their laptops or books, either nursing a cup of coffee or snacking on something. Upon this sight, I knew I did not waste my transport money?.

Keep reading to find out about my experience at Cafe de vie. 



Cafe De Vie is a cozy spot to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a book or getting some work done with some free wifi? (provided you make an order of course). The cafe combines homey design, wonderful music, and great coffee to deliver a relaxing experience.


Croissant -1500

I have to say that this has to be the most expensive croissant I have ever had. The question is was it worth it? Yes…yes, It was! It’s the second-best croissant I’ve had in this city (the first being the one from Dunes center). I loved it, it was delicious, warm, and buttery with the most amazing aroma! The only issue I had was that the tray where the croissants were stored was left uncovered the whole time I was there! It was just open, patiently waiting for whatever is in the air to come and caress it?.

Cappuccino -2200

This was a good cup of coffee. I’m all about the aroma. The aroma has to hit you just as you are taking a sip to enhance the flavor. And this was done pretty well. My only complaint is that it wasn’t served with extra sugar and creamer packets. Cappuccinos are typically without sugar, but leave the option open for me by providing me with some sugar so that I don’t have to ask for it ?‍♀️ …but it was a great cup of coffee. 

Chicken wings with fries – 3700

This chicken and chips reminded me so much of my days in uni. The chips were done perfectly, crispy, crunchy, yet soft in the middle. Loved it! The chicken was tossed in the most amazing sauce that made my mouth water. The aroma was great, it was well seasoned and tasty to the bone. When the chicken bone turns you to BINGO, that’s how you know the chicken is awesome. 

chicken wings and chips

Heartbeat breakfast – 5500

Toasted whole-wheat bread with mashed avocado, goat feta cheese, poached eggs, black pepper and chia seeds, served with a side of fresh kale and cherry tomatoes

I had mixed feelings about this dish and to be honest, it left me confused. Here’s why…The whole dish felt very disconnected and rather incomplete. In addition, there were some inconsistencies with it.

To begin with, instead of cherry tomatoes, they used the normal Roma tomatoes. I can’t express enough how much of a difference the cherry tomatoes would have made to this dish because of their sweetness. The tomatoes used were not sweet enough to counter the bitterness of the kale and the salty-sour taste of the cheese. Second, the poached egg was overcooked. I was expecting to cut into it and have that warm, silky yolk run down the plate.

Finally, the meal lacked any form of dressing. Because most of the textures on the plate were very dry and the only thing that helped was the mashed avocados. I understand that the dish is supposed to be a healthy dish, so I understand not having a dressing or sauce, but I feel that a sauce, in any form would help elevate the dish and help bring it all together. The dish definitely needs something extra. And as a result, it was rather heartbreaking because I was really looking forward to it.

heartbeat breakfast at cafe de vie
Heartbeat breakfast


The ambiance at Cafe de Vie has left the best impression. The atmosphere is very chill and striking. I was very pleased with the aesthetics of the cafe. Though the decor wasn’t elaborate, it had this warm “home away from home” kind of vibe. Inside the cafe, there are two sections: one of which looked like a living area with couches and armchairs, and the other, which looked like a dining area. 

It was very homey and I felt it in my chest. it had this dark mellow vibe that just calms you. Talk more of their fantastic playlist. Even though the music wasn’t loud, it was audible enough to make you bop your head. Ultimately, the Cafe’s library of books and quotes on the walls were two features that made it complete. And I was very impressed with the fact that there were PowerPoints (sockets) in every corner.  There is a large outdoor area as well, which will be perfect for nighttime sit-outs with friends. 


The staff were polite and very helpful. The meals were served within 15-20 mins. 


There is no allotted parking space, so you have to park on the street. 

Price point

I think the menu is fairly affordable. And depending on what you order, you could spend about 5 – 10K per person.

Hadiza’s postscript.

Cafe de vie is a comfortable sociable gathering spot away from home and work. It is suitable for work, meetings, hangouts, and book club meetings. It’s a great getaway, a home away from home, the perfect hideout even. I read somewhere that “People will only return to cafes that they feel comfortable at” cafe de vie has left an imprint with its warm, inviting ambiance and comfortable furniture, and I cannot wait to visit again, so I can enjoy more free Wi-Fi ?

It was a great experience having cafe de vie as our workspace for the day.

Have you been to Cafe De vie? Then share your experience with me by leaving a comment below.

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