Orchid Bistro Ikeja | Review

orchid bistro ikeja

A while back, I visited Lagos, the city of buzzing markets, sky-high towers, and infectious energy. And amidst the sensory overload, I craved a moment of calm, a space to breathe and watch the city unfold. That’s where Orchid Bistro came in; my sister recommended this spot. It’s tucked away in a leafy corner of Ikeja, Lagos. Now let’s dive into the review.

Ambiance at Orchid Bistro

Stepping into the Orchid Bistro is like stepping into a botanical fairyland. The airy conservatory vibe, all whitewashed elegance and towering greenery, instantly lifts your spirits. Lush plants of different species are unfurled outside, beckoning you to the sun-dappled patio, while inside, light washes over the tables. i loved the simple aesthetics indoor, white walls and simple furnishing. It was giving TRANQUILITY.

The food we had at Orchid Bistro

Blueberry Muffins: 1300

blueberry muffins at orchid bistro

The muffin, a golden dome of moist perfection, was a symphony of buttery crumb and sweet, juicy blueberries. My palate danced a similar tango of delight and debate. My heart sang, and my tastebuds swooned. This was muffin magic.

Croissant Sandwich: 3000

croissant sandwich orchid bistro

The croissant sandwich. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was good. Crisp, flaky pastry layered with creamy avocado and juicy tomato, bursting with fresh basil. But, having eaten croissants on many a culinary quests, I’ve encountered some truly transcendent croissants. This one, while delectable, landed just shy of my personal peak. The filling, however, deserves a standing ovation—a vibrant, savoury chicken filling. 

Cappuccino: 3000

cappuccino at orchis bistro

The cappuccino arrived, a steaming cup nestled in a bed of crisp white linen. Ah, perfection. But what truly stole the show? The hand-crafted rock sugar cubes. Imported and glistening like miniature jewels, they dissolved into the coffee with a whisper of caramel. A delicate touch that elevated the experience from everyday good to a touch of the extraordinary.

The Menu at Orchid Bistro

The menu at Orchid Bistro was everything a cafe menu should be: concise and inviting. offering a curated selection of dishes that appeal to the savory and sweet palates.

So, my Orchid Bistro verdict? It was sunshine on a plate. The ambiance is a breath of fresh air, the muffin is a masterpiece, and the rock sugar is a delightful surprise. The croissant sandwich, while good, didn’t quite reach the summit. But what was most impressive was the affordability of my experience. I had a great experience without breaking the bank, for an afternoon bathed in light and flavour, I’d definitely return and maybe order an extra muffin.

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