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Beautiful entrance at Sabor Lagos

According to their website, “The essence of Sabor Lagos is to blend high-quality food with exceptional service”. Is It Safe to say they nailed it?

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I visited Lagos recently and had the luxury of choosing an appropriate restaurant for lunch. Then my sister couldn’t stop talking about this lovely, rustic-themed restaurant in Victoria Island. Her mouth was moving yapa yapa like a rat! After much consideration, I chose Sabor Lagos, as it had been suggested by far too many people. Was it worthwhile? Let’s have a look.


Sabor punch – 3500 

This punch was such a good drink. However, it tasted more like juice concentrate than natural fruit juice. It was a bit too sweet initially, but as the ice melted, it diluted and tasted better with each sip, like aged fine wine. And most of all, as a person who eats with their eyes, the color was fantastic!

sabor punch, mocktail
Sabor pubch



Crab fritters and chili mayo – 4500

So, this was crab fritters with a meatball twist. I was expecting them flat, but they came out round. It was visually pleasing, but it TASTED even better! It was flavorful, herby, and mad tasty. However, the chili mayo, didn’t have any heat to it, and there was very little of it on the plate, I would have loved more of it. Overall, it was a good dish.

Surf and turf flatbread – 6200

When you see “surf and turf flatbread” on a menu, you expect to see flatbread! Alas, It came out looking like a pizza. I should not have judged this “book” by the cover because the taste stole the show! The sauce was divine; it was sweet and tangy. There were generous amounts of prawns and beef on the plate. The herbs also brought freshness to the dish. One thing I loved was the fact that it was extra cheesy! And the cheese was also pretty tasty on its own. However, I felt the flatbread was a bit thick for “flatbread”. Nevertheless, it was the best dish I had that day, and it banged! The next time you’re craving pizza, just order this dish from Sabor Lagos instead and thank me later!

  • MAIN

Seafood scampi – 8999

I really do not understand the symbolism of 999 on price tags. I think it’s pointless since you’re not going to offer me one naira change in return, or maybe if the 1 naira reach 5, they will give me 5 naira change?

Moving on to the food! There was a generous amount of well-cooked seafood on the plate. The pasta was so creamy and flavorful. I asked for some extra spice and they nailed the heat! It was also rightly balanced and well seasoned. Even when it was cold, it tasted great. For food to still be yummy when cold, you know it’s some extraordinary stuff. This was an excellent dish for me.

seafood scampi at Sabor Lgos
Seafood scampi

Sweet and spicy salmon fillet – 9200

The fish came with sticky rice and chargrilled bok choy on the side. So this was my first time eating salmon and now I see why Victoria Beckham is said to eat it every day. It was such a beautiful piece of fish, prepared beautifully, tender, delectably. The only con was that the fish was slightly salty when eaten alone. Well, there were lemon slices on the plate, which I presume was there to help balance out the saltiness in the fish, but I prefer not to squeeze them on myself, just so I don’t end up having a lemony and acidic meal. When paired with the sticky rice and the bok choy, the salt balances out a bit, and it tastes a lot better. I really enjoyed it.

Lamb jungle yellow curry – 7750

Thai-styled curry, infused with tender lamb cuts, vegetables, and herbs. I’ve seen jungle curry recipes on MasterChef, so I was pretty excited to try this. I loved the yellow color, the mix of coconut milk, and the Asian flavors.

It was mild in comparison to any other Asian curry I’ve had. Most curries have big, bold, spicy flavors that take you to Asia and back. Although it lacked the heat that I’m used to, I still enjoyed it. I felt it would have been better with a little more spice, but I guess that’s just my Yoruba aunty spirit talking. It was a good dish.



Now, this was such a joy to eat!!! It tasted as good as it looked! I loved how the coolness of the sweet, creamy ice cream melted against the warm crunchy buttery crumble and balanced off the tanginess of the berries, creating a perfect mouth-watering explosion of flavors and making beautiful babies in my mouth. It was such a lovely combination of flavors. I savored every spoonful of this dessert. If self-love was a dish, I imagine this would be it!

ultimate dessert at Sabor Lagos


Two words: rustic and modern! I loved the large wooden bar, stacked with bottles and bottles of wine. It was vibrant. The tables were crafted from dark-colored wood, which gave a very earthy vibe.

This bar is the beauty of Sabor Lagos

The stools looked like actual logs of wood to place our bags on. And there was this giant blue couch, which contrasted nicely with the wooden brown furniture and the white walls that added a splash of color to the room. A wide glass door led to a rooftop dining area, decorated with large sofas, which was incredibly pleasant, light, and airy. it’s perfect for dates, mini celebrations, and family outings. The vibe at Sabor Lagos is not one you would forget easily.


Professional and pleasant staff. The waiter who attended to us had a good knowledge of the menu and was always there when we needed him. 

The service was pretty smooth, a total of 20-25 minutes.


Lagos being Lagos, there wasn’t any designated parking area for the restaurant, so you’ll have to park on the road. Abuja supremacy!


15-17k per person. Depending on what you order. I think the menu at Sabor Lagos is not as extensive as I would like, but there is an alluring quality to it. You can view the menu on their website below.

If you’re ever wondering where to go on a date, or just in search of good food or a nice restaurant in Lagos to hang out with friends. Then Sabor would be a place to consider.

I hope I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that SABOR too SABI

Overall ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  1. Kelechi Amaeze says:

    Love love love the review, the pictures especially. So proud of you my friend.
    I have to try that flat bread in place of pizza.

  2. Oteiyi Wish Abah says:

    Yes, I totally recommend the seafood scampi! Enjoyed it when I visited + their service was pleasant.

  3. Prisca says:

    Omo!!!. This review was detailed plus the pictures are divine. Definitely visiting when next I visit lagos. Your pictures and reviews are always ?

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