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I had lunch with my friend at Rhapsody’s Abuja a while back, and I wish I could say I had a great experience, but I can’t. I was really excited to visit because I haven’t had the chance to try it out since they opened here in Abuja. The experience left a bitter taste in my mouth for many reasons. Let’s get into the review.


Rhapsody’s Abuja is a rooftop restaurant with an airy blue feel, located in wuse 2. The restaurant is spacious and has a large bar, which I think is the best feature at Rhapsody’s Abuja. It has an outdoor and indoor dining area. The indoor area feels more like a lounge with blue lighting, which sets the mood for that. The outdoor area boasts a stunning view of the beautiful city of Abuja. The restaurant has a variety of seating options, including bar stools, booths, and couches. The walls are painted a deep blue, and the ceiling is adorned with twinkling lights.


Virgin daiquiri – 3000

virgin daquiri at rhapsody's abuja

To be very honest, this was the worst daiquiri in the history of daiquiris; it lacked the strawberry flavour that daiquiris are famous for. You could also taste the syrup used in its preparation. I’m also not sure what the recipe was, but it was melting at a speedy rate. It was really not enjoyable.

Pina ginger – 3000

drink at rhapsody's abuja

When in doubt, know that pineapple and ginger are an excellent mix. This was a sweet drink with a hint of ginger spice. It was cold, refreshing, and perfect for the hot Abuja weather.  It was so great that we ordered seconds.


Mini burger – 5000

mini burgers at rhapsody's abuja

For starters, we decided to go with the mini burger; however, the only thing impressionable about this burger was the size. The bread was stale, and the patty tasted very average; honestly, it was just there. The patty was dry, but the sauce compensated for its lack of juiciness. Overall, I wasn’t impressed.

Spaghetti bolognese – 7000

spaghetti bolognese at rhapsody's abuja

This is one of the safest dishes to order at any restaurant, but apparently not at Rhapsody’s. The tomatoes weren’t fresh at all; they were sour and halfway to the grave. The only highlight of the sauce was its meatiness (although we asked for extra meat, which cost N2000), and the pasta was well done. Overall, the taste was not the best; it was average at best and not something I’ll try again soon. The pasta was accompanied by garlic bread, which saved the lacklustre nature of the dish. Bread is life! Let’s hope it was a bad day.

Quinoa Kale seafood salad – 9000

This was the highlight of the experience: the salad, comprised of ingredients such as quinoa, kale, dried fruit, octopus, and calamari in a signature raisin balsamic sauce. The complexity of this dish was the reason why I ordered it, and it was visually stunning. I really do eat with my eyes first. I loved the variations of textures in this dish. For my first time trying meat, I was pleasantly surprised by how chewy and tasty the meat was. It also had apples, which brought a welcomed sweetness to the dish; the flavour profile ranged from bitter to sour to sweet and savoury; and the vinaigrette was the star of the day. I would highly recommend you order this.


The waiters were very polite, and the food service took about 20 minutes.

Overall my experience at Rhapsody’s Abuja was not memorable because more than half of our order was disappointing.  I will say the ambience is nice, the service is good, and the pricing is moderate, but the food doesn’t leave a lasting impression. This was a 5.5/10 experience.

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