Hi guys, if you’ve been craving something cold and sweet, then get in here because you’re going to love this post. 

Frosty Pops Abuja is a popsicle/boba shop that launched sometime in April 2022. The shop has gained popularity on social media because of its eye-catching and colorful ambiance. Let me just say this place is a kid’s dream and I’m here for it because I’m forever 9! ? So I was having a conversation with my sister and she told me she’s never had boba tea, ?ever! And I was like, whaaaaaattt?! So we decided to visit Frosty Pops Abuja. It’s located at No. 1 Konoko Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.

First things first, what exactly is Boba tea? 

Boba/bubble tea is a well-balanced and sweet milky beverage with tapioca pearls (boba). It’s prepared with black tea, and there are a lot of other variations, from fruity to chocolatey to healthy. Whatever you can think of can be incorporated into milk tea. 

If you’ve never had Boba tea?then you should definitely try it. It’s very refreshing and if you’re not a lover of tea, then this is a fun twist. 

Fruity and exotic flavors of boba tea and popsicles are available on their menu. They also have hot beverages on the menu. We tried out some ice pops and boba tea. Keep reading to find out my sister’s first reaction to having Boba for the first time! But first, the ambiance! 

Note: this blog post would be slightly different, kinda like a conversation between my sister and me. 

Hadiza: Hi Habiba, welcome to hadizaeats.

Habiba: Hi, happy to be here on this special edition of Hadiza and Habiba eats ?. 


Hadiza: Walking into Frosty Pops Abuja is literally like walking into a storybook. It’s very colorful and gives off a happy vibe. The interior is impressive and picturesque. I can’t count the number of people who took selfies while in the store. It’s just that pretty. If Alice’s Wonderland and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory had a baby, it would be this shop, ?. 

Habiba: If a smile had colors, I imagine this would be it. In this store, more is definitely more. 

Hadiza: we visited on a rainy day, and I got to appreciate the see-through glass feature of the shop… I just sat and watched it rain while the trees danced in the wind and cars drove by. It felt like the world was in slow motion, and I had a front-row seat. Everything about the decor seemed deliberate and beautiful. I loved the picture wall, the neon lights, and the touch of greenery. It’s picture-perfect and welcoming. 

Habiba: Abeg, I didn’t see anything in the rain. I was just cold. Anyway, I loved the ambiance too. It was very colorful, like an ice cream store. They incorporated the colors of their products into the shop, and that’s really clever. 

Hadiza: Not everybody that has eyes can see ?. Next time, shine your eye!



Matcha green tea & Orea boba tea – 3800 each.

Hadiza: Let me just say, this is the most expensive cup of boba I’ve ever had, but they make up for it with the large cup size. It appears they have reviewed their prices since they opened because the boba used to be 3000. They don’t have the option of small or large cups for their tea, so maybe they should look into that. 

Habiba: The first time I tried Boba tea, I had no idea it was black tea with tapioca pearls. I ordered the Oreo-flavored Boba tea because it seemed like a safe option, and on my first sip, my mouth was puzzled because I’m not a fan of black tea, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Oreo flavor in the Boba tea was just right and reminded me of an Oreo milkshake I had a while ago, but just the diluted version as per it was tea. The first time I chewed the boba, it was foreign to me, but after multiple tries, I can actually say I loved it!

Hadiza: I’m happy you enjoyed it. Well, For me, the Oreo boba was well balanced, milky, and sweet. It was fantastic. The Oreo flavor was prominent but didn’t overpower that black tea flavor. The mix was just right. I was very impressed with their boba pearls. It’s one of the best I’ve had in Abuja. It has a chewy texture and a subtle sweetness to it. And there was a generous amount of boba pearls in the tea that I just kept chewing with glee.

Habiba: When I saw Matcha green tea on the menu, I remembered seeing it on Instagram and convinced my sister to get it because I love green tea. We both do. But I wasn’t ready for the punch it packed. It was so concentrated that it got more intense with each sip. I like green tea, yeah, but not that much. Aseju ni matcha, green tea ti wa ok. It tasted like grass, but good grass.

Hadiza: How do you know what grass tastes like? 

Habiba: I just know. I sha know I’m not trying anything from Instagram again. 

Hadiza: Live a little, it’s not that deep. I don’t know what you’re saying because even though this was my first time tasting matcha green tea boba, I loved it! I agree, it’s an acquired taste that might not be for everyone, because it’s a healthy option made with matcha green tea powder and almond milk (you might want to ask for an extra pump of sugar to get it on the sweeter side). Yes, the flavor is a little intense, and more so the longer it sits, but I loved every sip! It tasted like sweetened green tea with milk. It’s something I would most definitely do again. On to the next one. 


Pina colada & strawberry cheesecake – 1500 each

Toppings – 1000 each

Hadiza: hmmm, where do I begin? 

Habiba: Haha! if I start to talk ?

Hadiza: I think we went for the wrong flavors because…

Habiba: We trusted the staff. The lady recommended the pina-colada and cheesecake ice pops, and we loaded them with toppings. But the disappointment was hooge!

Hadiza: omo! It wasn’t so great, to be honest. The coconut half of the pina colada was light and not overly sweet, but the bottom pineapple was acidic, intense, and rather unpleasant.

Habiba: Ah! It tasted like two drops of water and one sachet of Nutri-C, but not the sweet kind. It was concentrated and sour! Yes, the coconut section tasted like chi-exotic and was quite refreshing, but the bottom was a no-no! It tasted like a combination of overripe pineapples and artificial flavoring.

Hadiza: maybe they should work on that recipe again because that’s just half a colada. 

Hadiza:  The cheesecake was slightly better, but there was a sourness to it that was not welcome. I think it needed more sugar to balance out the sourness. We got the chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and wafer stick toppings with this and they did nothing to help it. It was palatable, but it might have been so much more.


They provide excellent service. The lady who attended to us was extremely patient and pleasant. She was happy to help with anything we needed. Shoutout to her because she made the experience even better. 


Frosty Pops Abuja is a lovely spot suitable for everyone, especially kids. I think the boba tea is fantastic because it made a lasting impression on me. I’ll undoubtedly be going back for some more boba tea. However, I think they need to incorporate pastries into their menu. I’d love to order some tea and have something to munch along with it. I honestly think it would go a long way. I hear the Oreo-flavored ice pop is their bestseller, so maybe try that when you visit and let us know how it tastes. ?

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    I really enjoyed reading the conversation between you and your sister. It felt different and nice. Plus its good to have two different opinions.

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