Hi there!

I’m Hadiza “Hadiz” Sidiq.

I am a corporate lawyer, a writer, fashion designer, an absolute food lover and explorer. 

I view food is as an Art the kind that you experience through taste. For me, eating is an adventure, a journey that could never truly end; largely because of the vast nature of food and cultures.

There is SO much to discover, this is why I think of myself as a foodie. 

Cooking is my therapy, a way to ease the stress. I love to extend my palate because I am fascinated by food from other cultures. 

My love for food doesn’t end with just eating; I read about food, I breathe the food channel, I research and practice different cooking techniques to learn and be more knowledgeable about food. 

My decision to start this journey stems from the need to share my opinions and thoughts on everything food, especially those I’ve had the opportunity to taste. 

I’ll be documenting my journey of experimenting and creating recipes, while visiting restaurants and if I get a good value for my money, help you get a good value on yours. 

So, join me let’s explore together. Remember, eat. Life is short


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