Kappadocia “cave” Restaurant Abuja | Review

I was so skeptical about visiting the popular ‘Cave restaurant’ because there are so many negative reviews on Buhari’s internet! But I’m glad my friend Oti convinced me to try it out myself.


The decor is on a whole other level! It’s very cave-like. I get the appeal. There was a mini waterfall inside the restaurant, the lightbulbs were encased in cute lanterns, and the tabletops had this terrazzo look and feel. the grey couches were my favorite since they were so plush and comfortable. It gave a very modern Flintstone vibe. It was very unique.

To be honest, I didn’t particularly find the outside of the restaurant attractive, It seemed very rough around the edges, and in Oti’s words, kinda dinghy. Also, there isn’t a lot of parking space. 


We ordered the pineapple ginger beer and strawberry chamomile martini.

The strawberry chamomile martini is an absolute fave. Who knew chamomile and strawberries could work so well together? The flavors were well-balanced, the drink was delicious, and it was also visually beautiful.

drinks at Kappadocia restaurant Abuja

On the other hand, the pineapple ginger beer was a bit too sweet for me on the first sip, but the spice from the ginger cuts through that sweetness, to balance the flavors. I believe a little extra lime or lemon juice could have gotten it right where it needed to be. 

My verdict – 9/10


We ordered the chicken tagliatelle and chargrilled lamb chops with a side of mashed potatoes. 

The chicken tagliatelle was the star of the show! That rich tomato pasta sauce was absolute flavor town. Each forkful was a joy. The only con was that the pasta tagliatelle was slightly undercooked. And for that price, they could have added a bit more chicken to the plate. 

The chargrilled lamb chops were quite juicy and very tasty, but the only downside was that the lamb was not tender enough. Cutting and chewing the lamb was a bit of a struggle. Eventually, we had to use our hands to eat it because the knife was useless. The vegetables were cooked well. The mashed potatoes tasted so good, with excellent texture and consistency, but I would have liked it to be a bit more creamy.

My verdict – 7/10. 


The staff was very polite and helpful. The waiter understood the menu and was patient. The wait time for the food was under 20 minutes. 

I would recommend based on the food and drinks reviewed above. 

Note: the menu is quite pricey, the cheapest meal on the menu is 7500, drinks start from 3200, water is 1000. If you want to visit, you’ll be spending about 10-15k (Nigerian naira! In this economy). 

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