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Hola guys!! A little while back (December), I visited Tulip Bistro with @wakagirlng, @abujafoodtour, and @thelifestylegirl. It was very last minute, but none of us had been to the “new” tulip, so we decided to give it a try. 

Right off the bat, I have to say this is the weirdest and most uncomfortable dining experience I’ve ever had, but more on that later (read about the service). Now, let me jump right into the review because as you can see from the pictures, this place is visually fire! 🔥


food at Tulip Bistro

Seafood pasta – 10500

I loved this dish. As you know, I’m not a great fan of creamy pasta, but this was delightful! I asked for extra spice, and they nailed it! My only complaint was that there wasn’t enough seafood in the dish. The asparagus was a nice touch; it elevated the plate with an earthy flavour and crunch element. If you visit Tulip Bistro and are not sure what to order, then this would be my recommended dish. provided that you like seafood, of course.

Shepard’s pie – 4000

This dish was decent but it wasn’t spectacular. The surface lacked that golden brown charred texture that Shepard’s pie is known for, probably because of the layer of Parmesan cheese on top. It was tasty but I wasn’t overly impressed, to be honest, it was very average. I think I was expecting too much. I think the proportions were a bit off because it had way more potatoes than beef. The textures and flavours were good but this dish didn’t wow me.

Chicken Louisiana – 9000

I liked this pasta. It was creamy and had a strong tomato flavour. I liked that the cream did not overshadow the tomato. It was delicious, but I’m one of those people who doesn’t believe in creamy tomato-flavoured pasta. I think it should either be cream or tomato sauce. But this was quite good. It felt to me like a take on vodka pasta, and the portion was good and sizeable.

Charcoal wings – 4500

I forgot to take a picture of these wings, but you can check them out on their Instagram page. Now let’s talk about the taste. It was good, really good, in fact. I liked the char on the wings, it had an intense smokey and slightly bitter flavour that balanced out the sweetness of the sauce. It was tasty but was it worth 4500, The answer is no. Judging by taste and portion, I think it’s overpriced. 🤷‍♀️.

Shrimp Salad – 7500

I didn’t get to taste this but Uche said it was really good.

The Drinks we had at Tulip Bistro

Virgin colada – 3500

I’m a huge lover of virgin colada but this version by tulip bistro did not make the cut. it was lacklustre and the pineapple and coconut flavours didn’t shine through, it was so average that I felt like I was having a frozen cup of chi-exotic.

Minted lemonade – 3500

Now this mocktail on the other hand was great. The flavours were bold and the drink had a refreshing balance of lightly sweet and tangy goodness.

Service at Tulip Bistro

The service is where we had issues with Tulip Bistro. So, the summary of the gist is that we think we were profiled. Here’s why: They asked us several times not to take pictures of the dining area because that is their policy. Their reason was that they were protecting the privacy of their guests. We obliged them and moved to the foyer, where there were no guests, but even when we moved there, we felt uncomfortable because it was as though they were guarding us and watching our every move. When @wakagirlng complained about the no-picture policy on Instagram, they responded and rebutted this, saying that there is no such policy. They really have to make it make sense, though, because in my book, what happened was a clear-cut case of profiling, but we move.

Asides from that incident, the staff were rather cold and standoffish and the whole experience was nothing short of a downer.

Ambiance  at Tulip Bistro

I loved the space! The vibe there is very classy, and the colour scheme and furniture scream elegance. It’s the kind of place you go to and find yourself picking up your phone to take pictures. The ambiance sets a relaxing mood that translates well into what the experience ought to be. The most notable feature has to be the eye-popping foyer. Tulip Bistro covers a wide space; they have both indoor and outdoor dining areas that are massive in size. The space is beautiful, open, airy, and warm. There was this large flower vase on a table in the centre, and the room had warm and vibrant tones. For lack of better words, it was aesthetically pleasing. 


The menu is upscale and structured in such a way that you don’t have to think too hard before you decide what to order. There are some interesting things on there, but I feel like for a place like this, the menu is rather basic. They are selling what you can get at most restaurants, but hey, whatever works. You can view the full menu by clicking this link. Tulip bistro menu

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