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Hello guys! so I visited canes and lemons Abuja with my friend who took me there as a surprise 😌 and I would say in the league of themed restaurants, the restaurant was very impressive. The design of this place gives futuristic minimalism meets modern forest vibes, and I think it’s the kind of place you would want to tick off your list. The ambiance at canes and lemons Abuja is all the rave and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. So let’s get into the review.


The ambiance is fantastic! There were lots of sitting areas. Beautiful too. Let me start with the bamboo walkway! It’s so zen and peaceful that it relaxes you the further you walk in. Stepping into the main restaurant was like being in a section of Kim K’s mansion. Omo! Once again, zen! Everything was a subtle grey, even the air conditioners. But just when we were wowed by the indoor space, we stepped into the outdoor area, and we were transformed into what I can only imagine is a modern forest.

The outdoor area is indeed the heart of the restaurant, it embodies the theme “canes and lemons” to a T. There were plants all around us—above us, on the ground, and on the walls. It was so cool! There were canes everywhere, even on the furniture. And the beautiful mural on the wall added a lovely vibrance to the space. I could go on and on, describing the design in detail, but just know that the ambiance at Canes and Lemons is second to none.


Short ribs and chimichurri mash – 18,500

The short ribs were tender and juicy, and the balsamic reduction was quite good, though it was a bit sharp. I felt like it needed a little more sweetness to cut down that acidity, but I didn’t mind it at all. I savoured every bite. The chimichurri mash was different, it was really good. I liked the fact that it was something I had never had before. The mash tasted green but in a good way. And the fusion was smart. Thumbs up for this one! 👍

short ribs and chimichurri mash at canes and lemons

Creamy tagliatelle – 13,500

This was a decent dish. It was well seasoned, and the pasta was al dente. I did have concerns about how creamy it was, though. It was way too creamy for me. I’m not the biggest fan of creamy dishes, so it was a bit more than I’m used to and the longer it stayed, the thicker it got. That being said, it tasted great. 

Suya Prawn Tacos – 5100

I was really excited when I saw this dish on the menu. I’m a huge taco lover and so I had big expectations for this. let me start by saying it tasted good. now, let me get into the ‘but’ part of it. first, it didn’t give suya. That suya flavour that we know and love so much was lost in it. The prawns were well seasoned but they were too subtle on the suya flavour. Second, It wasn’t a traditional taco and I was rather disappointed. I was expecting the dish to be packed with layers of textures and flavours like a traditional Mexican taco. But the dish had only 4 elements – suya prawns, tortilla, sauce and a sprinkle of carrots. So even though this tasted good, it was basic.

Honey Ginger wings – 4900

This was the only dish we ordered that had a low rating. For the price, this starter was very underwhelming. the wings were dry and the sauce just did not make the cut. The presentation was the only thing that I liked.


So I like the menu. It’s not unnecessarily long, even with dormant sections. Their menu is relatively direct, and the selection of dishes on the menu is somewhat refined (to an extent). Could the menu be better for a place of this caliber? Yes. Nonetheless, it’s more impressive than a lot of menus I’ve come across in Abuja. But wait until you see the prices!!! It’s a N25-30k per head type of place. Hold money love! Peep the menu below.


The service was good, and the staff were professional, but there was a shortage of staff at the time, so the wait time for food was too long. The manager was very responsive and tried to remedy the issue, but even at that, the food took over an hour.


Canes and lemons Abuja is nothing like I’ve seen before. The architecture and design are flawless and it may just be my favourite themed restaurant where aesthetics is concerned. The food was good but I know it can be better. Asides from the little snag with the service, I’d say it was a good experience.

Was it worth the price? Well, It was different, experimental in a way, so maybe it was to an extent. 

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