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Hello guys! Happy new year!!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. mine was rather eventful, I was up and down the Buj and I’m about to face that January 47th music 😂.

So back in December, I visited Bleu Cafe Abuja with my sister. It’s one of those places that has been on the list for so long and finally made it to the top. I was really excited because they have a new menu and everything looked so yummy on their Instagram page. Anyways, let’s get down to the review! 😁

The food at Bleu Cafe Abuja


Tagliatelle Arrabiata – 8000

This was a good dish. It had a herbal kick and was quite spicy too, I think this is one of the better arrabbiata in the city where taste is concerned. The pasta was al dente, and they did not cut the pasta!! 👏 👏 I’m tired of seeing restaurants cut pasta (how do we twist, please? ), so thank you, bleu cafe. However, the portion was small; it’s not the kind of thing you order and get full. The meatballs were delicious and juicy. They were slightly on the chewy side, but I didn’t mind because they tasted so good. 

Spaghetti Bolognese – 8000

This was such a hearty meal. The sauce was meaty; it had a sweet tang, and the Italian herbs in it shone through. There was balance on the plate, no doubt. It tasted terrific. The pasta was al dente, but once again, the portion was small. 

Egg and avocado Toast – 6000

They didn’t have the toast I wanted, so I had to go with this. I was impressed with the croissant itself. It was very good quality, flaky, crunchy, and buttery. The croissant was the most memorable kind. On the other hand, the eggs were such a downer; they were overcooked, and the yolk was hard.  The yolk ought to have been soft-boiled and gooey. It really ruined the whole thing for me because I was really looking forward to cutting into the eggs and watching the yolk spill onto the plate. Thank God the croissant was so good though, otherwise, this would have been a miss. I should add that I think this toast borders on overpriced. It’s just croissants, eggs and avocado 🤷‍♀️. 

Side of spicy chicken breast – 2000

This side dish had potential but they ruined it with too much too spice and seasoning! There were way too many seasoning cubes in it. I was too hungry to complain because the food took forever, so I just ate it. 


Iced caramel latte – 4000

The coffee was good, but it wasn’t great. I’ve had better. I liked the presentation sha. 

iced caramel latte at bleu cafe abuja

Pineapple juice – 3500

I think this is the most expensive pineapple juice I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but 3500? C’mon, it’s fruit. 


Milk cake – 3000

Milk cake (tres leches) is a Latin American sponge cake dessert soaked in three different kinds of milk. This was one of my reasons for visiting Bleu Cafe. I was impressed when it was served because it was visually stunning. And this was my first time trying it. I would say it was nice, but not great.

The cake itself was good, not too sweet, but the milk didn’t have any special quality to it, it tasted like regular milk to me. And this is just my opinion, but it milk cake was too moist for me, the texture just felt wrong in my mouth. It gave off too much bread soaked in tea vibes, and I was slightly disappointed because I had been looking forward to it so much. 

Carrot cake – 3000

This was a very nice dessert. For that price, I thought it was quite good. I always prefer cream cheese with carrot cake, but this was okay too. However, there was a texture problem, the cakes were crumbly but not dry. It wasn’t on the moist side, so as soon as you cut into it, it breaks and you have to be really careful to keep it on the fork. The taste was good but I feel like there was something off with the recipe. It can be better. 

Blueberry Muffin – 2000

This muffin was quite good. Taste-wise, it was slightly sweet, yet tangy but there was balance. Texture-wise, it was soft but not fluffy, and like the carrot cake, It was rather crumbly and easily broke apart, so much so that it couldn’t even stay up on the plate when it served. But it was really tasty sha, I loved that it wasn’t too sweet. 

Blueberry muffin at bleu cafe abuja

Ambiance at bleu cafe Abuja

I really liked the ambiance here. It’s quite simple but has a subtle sophistication about it. It doesn’t scream cafe, but I think they tried to marry restaurant and cafe vibes together, which I think works, considering the fact that the menu exudes the cafe-restaurant type of dishes. The colour palette is safe, but it works for the theme. One striking feature of the space is this flowery circle piece on the wall with lights. You can sit on it and take pictures. It’s a unique piece and an attraction to the restaurant. Overall the decor is quite nice and gives a slight nod of minimalism with a hint of vibrance. 

The Service at Bleu cafe Abuja

The service was not quite as adequate as the food. First, the staff seemed rather aloof. The lady that attended to us was slow, and the food took forever to come out. Second, they didn’t have 90% of the things we ordered. We had to settle for other meals, not the ones we initially wanted. Third, the meals were cooked inside the restaurant without proper heat extraction methods.

There was a point when they were cooking something spicy and we were coughing due to the air in the room. And we left the restaurant smelling like food 😪. I think that’s the first time that has ever happened to me. The smell on our clothes was very intense, and that affected the experience.

Lastly, what got me the most was that we were served with broken plates. All our desserts were served on chipped plates, big chips. That’s three different broken plates o. Not 1, not 2, but thousand 🤭 I mean… that’s just unacceptable. If I’m paying my coins to get an experience at a restaurant like this, then at the very least, be sure to serve me on good plates. I rest my case. 

The Menu at bleu cafe Abuja

I like the menu a lot. There are a lot of things there that I want to try, some things on the menu give off more restaurant vibes, but it’s totally understandable. I know Abuja people would rather sit at home than go out and order coffee and cake, it’s just not done 😂. I like that there are lots of pastry and dessert options on the menu, which is something that lots of cafes in Abuja fail to understand. We’ll have that discussion another day. Hopefully, the next time I visit, they’ll have the things I really want to try. you can view their menu by clicking this link http://bleu cafe menu

General thoughts about Bleu Cafe

Overall, the experience was more than adequate but not spectacular. Where they impressed me with the ambiance and the food, the service sadly took the experience down a whole lot. In my book, this cafe-restaurant has so much potential. The food is good, but the service could be better. And for a “café,” it’s on the more expensive side of the planes, well, we can chalk that up to Buhari’s economy. I think I will visit one more time before I conclude. 

Have you visited Bleu Cafe? please share your experience with me in the comments.

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