While in Lagos, I wanted inexpensive food and I wasn’t ready to go out (because, Harmattan in The month of love) so my sister recommended this sandwich shop on university road to me. 

Lagos being Lagos, I ordered it by 11 am and I was expecting it by 1 pm, but it was delivered in like 40 minutes and it was hot! So kudos to city subs for that! 

Before we begin, I need to commend the packaging!! I loved the yellow eco-friendly box, it reminds me of Lagos. The danfo and taxi yellow is synonymous with the buzz that is Lagos! 

My order came with complimentary fries which was a pleasant, tasty, and well-done surprise. 


Peppered steak – 2500

This was a hit! The meat was well grilled. The heat was a welcome touch…so good! The sauce was very tasty and generous. The sweet corn in it was a bit too much but I guess it was there to balance off the heat. The bread was the hero of this sub! it was perfectly done.  

Philly cheesesteak – 3500

The first thing we noticed was that the meat was not thinly sliced, it was a bit chunky and tasted kinda gamey to me, but my sister loved it, so I guess whatever works for you. We could hardly taste cheese, if there was any, then it was very minimal. The bread again was so good. Overall it was pretty decent. 

Classic beef burger – 2500 

The bread once again takes the cake! The burger was decent, but nothing special. The vegetables were very fresh, and the sauce was generous. What didn’t do it for us was the caramelized onions, because it was slightly burned and tasted bitter, which dampened the taste of the burger. And the patty, though sizeable and well-cooked was not juicy and was slightly under seasoned. But overall, it was okay for that price. 

OVERALL, CITYSUB IS “OVERAW” BEST IN BREAD ?. From the texture, flavor, crust, and gloss, “o po fun waris”. The peppered steak sandwich was memorable. It was a yummy experience, I would love to try more things on their menu sometime.

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