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In the heart of the beautiful, ever-bustling city of Abuja lies a little piece of the Netherlands. Stroop Pops, located at No. 1, Konoko Crescent, Wuse 2, is a themed stroopwafle store in the heart of Abuja. Their Instagram page promises an experience from Holland to our beautiful city of Abuja.

As you step through the doors, you are greeted by the most colourful space. It looks like a scene straight out of the Barbie movie; it screams PINK. The walls are painted with a beautiful mural depicting a city. The chairs are white with streaks of colour all over them, playful yet artistic. It feels like a store on a street corner. The decor is colourful yet elegant, creating an inviting and artistic ambience.


Stroop Pops offers a variety of stroopwafels, an authentic Dutch treat, and drinks. A stroopwafel is a Dutch delicacy that can best be described as two thin waffles sandwiched together by a sweet caramel-like syrup. Each stroopwafel within the display case looked immaculate and almost too good to eat. But eat I did, lol.

I had the pleasure of trying a few items from their menu, and each one was a sweet delight, literally.  A regular stroopwafel costs 2400 naira. Dipping it in white or dark chocolate or Nutella costs an extra 400 naira. An array of sweet toppings is also available for an extra 700 naira.

I sampled 3 varieties of stroopwafels, all dipped in white chocolate with white chocolate, Oreos, and lotus biscuit toppings. They were all really sweet—a little too sweet. The stroopwafel itself was overpowered by the toppings we got. So I recommend you try it without the toppings first, unless you have a really sweet tooth. I would describe this treat with one word: SWEET.

It is definitely tailor-made for our community members with a sweet tooth. While they were visually striking with the right crunchy texture and toppings, they were a little too sweet for me.

Spice was the only thing lacking to create the Powerpuff Girls, because sugar, spice, and everything nice.


stroop pops abuja

I also sampled two milkshakes from their menu: the Oreo and cream milkshake and the strawberry and cream milkshake.

The Oreo and cream milkshake burst with the amazing flavour of Oreo. However, the thick, creamy texture of a milkshake was, unfortunately, lacking in this one; it was too loose. I personally love Oreos, but this milkshake was a forgettable one for me.

The strawberry and cream milkshake had a much better consistency. While it wasn’t as creamy as other milkshakes I have had, it definitely had a smooth and creamy consistency. The ever-sweet and fruity flavour of strawberries was present, perfectly complementing the pink cup it arrived in.

The packaging of the waffles and drinks definitely takes the cake. Instagram enthusiasts would find it an absolute treasure. I spent an extra 200 naira on takeaway boxes even though I ate my treats in the store because I love you guys and wanted to write about a full experience for you guys ❤️. They are so pretty—definitely Barbie-worthy.


The menu at Stroop Pops is very concise, brief, and straight to the point. They offer a small range of drinks and their signature walffles, of course. with an array of toppings. You can view their menu here.

Overall, my experience at Stroop Pops is one for the books. The picturesque ambience is great. It looks like a picture from a storybook. It is definitely a place for the little and big kids of the world. The stroopwafels were visually striking and crunchy. Just book an appointment with the dentist on the way out, lol 😂. The drinks I had could have had better texture but had great taste. The staff were also ever willing to help, with big smiles on their faces.  It was a solid 7/10 experience for me.

P.S: Stroop Pops is located in a plaza that is home to many businesses, so depending on the time you visit, the parking could be a little difficult or congested.

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