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Greetings guys! I recently had the pleasure of dining at this multi-cuisine haven in Kado, Abuja: De Cascade by Cilantro. The space is a harmonious blend of soothing aesthetics and nature-inspired decor, and while the atmosphere left me entranced, the culinary experience left me with mixed feelings. Join me as I recount my escapade into the world of flavors.


Caramel frappe: 4000

You know I’m a coffee lover, and this cup of coffee tantalized my tastebuds. It was sweet and creamy, just the way I like it. There was a noticeable caramel flavor that was not overpowering. There was a mild hint of coffee flavor, and the texture was smooth and silky.

The whipped cream and caramel drizzle on top added some extra sweetness and richness to the drink. I found this to be quite sweet, so if you’re not a fan of sweet things, you might want to give it a pass.

Chapman, 3000

chapman drink at de cascade restaurant

The drink was visually appealing and had a refreshing taste, but it was a bit too sweet and tasted like orange Fanta. There were no bitter undertones or tartness to this. It tasted too much like soda, and I would say it was very average.

Chicken biryani: 6000

This was a really tasty dish. It was very aromatic. The spices in the dish were balanced, the chicken was tender and juicy, and the rice was fluffy and cooked well.

This chicken biryani was flavourful and satisfying, it was one of the better-tasting dishes we had at Decascade. The flavor profile was great, and the texture was good too. I would recommend it.

Seafood linguini: 9000

I had mixed feelings about this dish, starting with the chipped plate I was served with. Dear De Cascade by Cilantro, kindly ensure not to serve paying customers with chipped plates, T for Thanks. The pasta was overcooked, but the sauce was flavorful, albeit with a tartness that I did not quite enjoy. I also liked that there was a generous amount of sauce on the plate.

The seafood was the star of the show, saving the somewhat lackluster dish. As the prawns were cooked to perfection, with great flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. There were smaller bits of seafood inside the pasta as well. I would say this was a pretty average dish. Aside from the average taste, I found a bit of a metal scouring sponge inside the food while eating. To be very honest, this just killed the mood for me.

Steak Sandwich – 6000

The steak sandwich was a juicy and flavorful blend of steak and bread. The aroma was so inviting that I could still smell it hours later. The steak was very tender and juicy, with great taste and flavor. Although the bread used was soft and sturdy, it did not make much of a lasting impression.

Also, the sandwich was Cheesy and stringy, which I liked. The cheese had a good flavour that complimented the tender beef. Each bite was a juicy blend of flavors. There were some vegetables that added a bit of crunch to the dish. The waiter served the sandwich with a side of fries, they were quite good. This dish had such good flavour that if I were ever to visit here again, that might be what I’d order.

Naan – 2000

This was quite good, it was buttery and soft. The flatbread had great flavour and a slight smokiness. it also had a nice chewy texture that I liked.

naan bread at de cascade by cilantro

The service at De Cascade by cilantro

The service was polite, but it didn’t stand out. And when I told the waiter about the scouring sponge in my pasta, he just stared at me blankly, which gave me the impression that he didn’t care. The overall vibe was off, and I’m not sure I’ll be returning here.

Menu and Budget

The menu here is a bit too wide for my liking. Even though I’m a fan of broad menus, this was on a whole other level, kilode! The wide variety of choices made it difficult for us to decide what to eat. On the plus side, they cater to a wide audience with the multi-cuisine choices they present. You can view the full menu here.

The budget per person is estimated to be between 10,000 and 15,000 naira, inclusive of VAT and other charges. The actual cost may vary depending on your specific order.

There is an additional 7.5% VAT and 10% service charge added to the prices of the meals.

prices at de cascade by cilantro

Ambiance at De Cascade by Cilantro

The ambiance at De Cascade by Cilantro was very pleasing. Decascade covers a huge space, and the outdoor dining area is where the attraction really is. It’s serene and breezy. The cabanas were furnished with bamboo and wooden furniture. The waterfalls were the highlight of my visit. It’s beautiful, and you just have to see it for yourself. The greenery was what caught my eye; it was calming.

The indoor dining area looked like a well-furnished hut. It felt rustic and African in a way. The colour scheme is very earthy and warm-toned. You can get a better sense of the space by watching the video below

General thoughts

I have mixed feelings about De Cascade by Cilantro. My experience at the restaurant was a mixed bag. The food was hit or miss, with some dishes that I enjoyed and others that were very average. The ambiance was nice, however, I was disappointed by the service, the chipped plates and the metal scouring sponge in the pasta. Overall, I have to say I expected more from the restaurant.

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