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Are you looking for an affordable place to eat without breaking the bank? Then get in here, because this post is for you! Yes, you!!! I’ve got the tea on a wonderful inexpensive cafe that I visited a little while back: Wells bakehouse & Cafe.  

This is a solid breakfast/brunch spot that I’m very sure I would be visiting again. I can’t wait to tell you all about it so let’s get down to it.



Fruit Juice or Water, Coffee or Tea Egg Omelette or Scrambled egg or Sunny side-up, Baked Beans, Chicken sausage or Bacon, freshly baked Croissant, Muffin, Toast Bread, Portion Butter or Portion Jam or Honey

We opted for chamomile tea, scrambled eggs, and butter. This is one of the most affordable breakfast platters I’ve come across this year, and it was well worth it. Everything was really good. I’m a big tea lover, and I honestly think we were served loose-leaf tea and not regular tea bags. The flavour of the chamomile tea was so strong and fresh that it was easy to tell that it wasn’t just regular teabag. And if it was, then it was some of the good stuff!

chamomile tea at wells bakehouse

On the flip side, I wasn’t such a fan of the breakfast muffin; it was just there, to be honest, and it reminded me of those cakes I used to get on my way home from primary school. It was good, but it just wasn’t for me, I guess. This bakehouse special was a really beautiful spread, and the portion was really sizeable as well. If you ask me, it’s money well spent! 


This was one large cup of coffee. Oh my! The flavour was quite good too. I liked the fact that they provided extra milk and sugar without having to ask for it. I mean, it’s as if they read my mind. 


I loved the white chocolate mouse; it was velvety and delicious! not too sweet. There was a marriage of flavours between the mousse and the brownie that just exploded in my mouth. And it was served with some berry jam that I just can’t get over. The brownie itself had an intense chocolatey flavour that appealed to me in the most memorable way. This dessert was really really good. The portion wasn’t large, but I enjoyed every bite. I would order this again and again, unapologetically 🌚.


Okay. So if I’m being honest, the croissant was good but it wasn’t great. It had the flaky golden-brown crust that it should have, and it was light, but it was not as buttery as it should be. I’ve had better, but it was still nice sha. It had a delicious chocolatey center that really shined through.


I really liked the ambiance here. Wells Bakehouse is a cozy two-story building that is bright with great lighting. I liked the furniture and the wooden decor. The cafe had this white and brown theme that gave it a minimalist touch. I really liked the large wooden coffee wall in the corner. There was a couch and comfortable armchairs that made it feel very much like a cafe! There are power points on the walls if you want to charge your laptop, making it a great place to work. The place was just great; they were playing some light music that doesn’t go over your head too. Overall, It felt very serene and calm.

The entrance was very memorable, it was covered in green carpet grass, hanging plants and flowers. The furniture was white, and the decor as a whole tied well together, being vibrant and simple. There was also an outdoor patio that seemed so cool and serene. I just loved the vibe! It had a canopy that provided protection from the sun and rain, and if not for this Abuja sun that is showing us shege, we would have dined there.


Personally, i think the menu at Wells Bakehouse is affordable but more importantly, it has everything that you would want to eat at a cafe, especially pastry! The menu is very robust and well laid out, it contains a lot of go-to breakfast items, classic desserts and savoury/lunch dishes that are very familiar to the Nigerian palate (our Naija faves!). The items on the menu are moderately priced and are inclusive of Vat and tax! What you see is what you get. No extra charge and that to me is just the best thing ever!


The staff here are so warm and polite. They are extremely courteous and well-mannered. From the gate, a staff greeted us an led us to the cafe. He explained that they offer laundry services as well. They were ready to serve and patient with us.


Wells bakehouse is an affordable breakfast/brunch spot that’s suitable for work, meetings, dates and hangouts. it embodies everything that a cafe should be and most importantly, it’s inexpensive! I went here and didn’t spend my entire budget, there was a change! I’m all for places that give you good food without making a dent in your pocket. it’s quiet, cosy and warm. This spot leaves you wanting more and I’m definitely here for it, I would recommend.

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